Should I Hire a Professional Makeup Artist For Senior Photos?


When I get this question, my immediate response is “YES”.  

It can be very nerve wracking to have your photo taken. A professional make up application can help you relax and transform you into the image you want to see.

Senior make up should represent the individual and their particular style. When I am working with a senior, I ask her to tell me about herself and her usual make up routine. If she doesn’t wear makeup then I keep her look very natural. If she loves make up then a more glamorous look might fit her style.

It is best to hire a professional makeup artist when working with a professional photographer. Professional make up application helps you look your best and lessens the post process editing. Photographers can use less filters when editing if the senior’s make up is applied correctly. I love helping my young clients look flawless for their photos. After all, when you look great you feel great ( right? ) and when you feel great, you can’t help but smile.

Senior Photos mark the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood. Why not look fabulous?