Bride: Alex (2016)

For years I have been wanting to capture my team & I working behind the scenes during before brides "reveal". My goal is to show future brides how my work can be the finishing touch that creates their bridal look. After all, I'm not just preparing them for their wedding, but the first day of their marriage. To prepare Alex and her bridesmaids for this special day, our bridal hair and makeup team wanted to give these ladies an unforgettable experience.  

LIVE Bridal Review: Sanoe (2016)

As a Portland makeup artist over seven years, it has been an honor doing hair and makeup for brides from all over the world. What a better way to hear about their experience than through a live interview! Enjoy!


Ellen came to me as a referral. She was planning a vintage garden themed wedding and wanted a look to match. After her first consultation we instantly clicked. It was easy to find the right look and elegance for this beautiful lady. Thank you Ellen for choosing me to be your bridal stylist!